Perth's First Smart Freeway

Urbii attended an informative presentation regarding Perth’s first smart freeway at Main Roads WA. We learnt that Main Roads are using a number of processes to manage real time operations of the road network including:

  • Network monitoring

  • 24/7 CCTV

  • Bluetooth beacons

  • Road user information sharing

  • Monitoring of tunnel operations

  • Incident management and response

Perth’s first smart freeway is proposed on Kwinana Freeway northbound and will include:

  • ALR - All lanes running

  • LUMS - Lane Use Management System

  • CCTV

  • Variable Message Signs and Variable Speed Limits

  • Driver information

  • Real time traffic data (with feedback from road sensors)

  • Emergency bays

  • Ramp signals

Based on the information presented at the session, Main Roads WA are putting a lot of work into this system with staff have spent time interstate and overseas observing similar existing systems in other places.

More detailed information regarding Perth’s first smart freeway can be viewed on the Main Roads projects website -