Lessons Learnt from SCRAM and other News

Urbii participated in the SCRAM webinar this month. Some of the key lessons learnt for us include:

  • SCRAM is an independent assessment to identify issues and risks using scientific analysis techniques.

  • Scheduling is a primary concern of most project stakeholders. This is especially the case for larger projects.

  • It is important to detect project schedule slippage early on and identify what is driving the slippage.

  • Technical debt occurs when shortcuts are taken in order to meet certain milestones. When shortcuts are taken this often accrues a technical debt which needs to be paid off at a later stage of the project.

  • Decisions to incur technical debt should be made with knowledge of the implications, impacts and risks (schedule, cost and technical). You may incur debt as a choice to achieve a certain milestone or deadline, however you should plan to pay back that debt in your project planning and scheduling.

  • It is important to define project requirements, roles and responsibilities.