Mixed Use Development Projects

Urbii is passionate about working with developers and government agencies to promote and facilitate mixed-use development. The urbii team has extensive experience in a wide range of mixed use developments. These developments typical have street activation through retail or food and beverage uses on ground and lower levels. This is typically combined with a combination of residential apartments, office space and / or hotel units on upper levels. Providing a mix of land uses promotes self-sufficiency of local communities and reduces the reliance on individual car trips.


Example of swept path analysis for the project

25 Koorana Road, Mullaloo

Urbii prepared a Transport Impact Statement report for this proposed residential apartment development in Mullaloo. As part of this work, Urbii reviewed the access and egress system, on site cirulation and parking layout. Urbii also undertook extensive swept path analysis for waste and delivery trucks to ensure satisfactory turning circles. Urbii provided engineering advice to the project team with regards to pedestrian access, path widths and kerb ramp design.