Master Planning Projects

Urbii has extensive experience in preparation of traffic and parking reports for master plans, activity centres and local structure plans. Master planning projects may require 4 step modelling including trip generation, mode share, trip distribution and assignment. They also require definition of mid-block road cross sections in accordance with Liveable Neighbourhoods and intersection configuration

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Paul Ghantous, Principal at urbii, prepared a Transport Impact Assessment for the North Fremantle Master Plan. The master plan entailed traffic modelling for a mix of residential, commercial and industrial land uses. SIDRA intersection analysis was undertaken and intersection layout was recommended

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Paul Ghantous, Principal at urbii, prepared a Transport Impact Assessment for the Department of Housing redevelopment. The proposal entailed redevelopment of the old primary school site into a residential subdivision. Traffic modelling and analysis was undertaken and road cross sections developed

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Murdoch University Master Plan

Paul Ghantous, Principal at urbii, was involved with the Murdoch University Master Plan which proposed major residential and commercial development on University land west of Murdoch Drive. The work undertaken by Paul for this project included the development of Paramics Microsimulation models of Murdoch University and Murdoch Activity Centre for the existing and 2031 traffic scenarios and the evaluation of road network requirements

List of master plan projects

  • Calleya Master Plan Green Star Assessment

  • Belmont Park Redevelopment Master Plan

  • Burswood Entertainment Complex

  • Albany Highway Master Plan

  • Murdoch Activity Centre

  • St John of God Subiaco Master Plan

  • Bethanie Aged Care Master Plan

  • Regis Hollywood Master Plan

  • Lake Road Precinct B, Local Structure Plan